New Horizons is a non-profit agency providing employment, supported living, and social opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities. New Horizons was founded by a group of family members with a common goal of broadening the lives of individuals with disabilities and allowing them to participate fully as included members
New Horizons provides a wide-range of services to a diverse population. New Horizons presently supports individuals with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy. Many persons affiliated with New Horizons have additional physical disabilities. New Horizons welcomes all persons regardless of ethnic or national origin, race, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender.  New Horizons was incorporated on May 14, 1971 and has been a vital member of the Middle Tennessee community ever since.
For a variety of goods not only made in America, but produced by New Horizons (NHC), NHC is aggressively pursuing the production of unique items that NHC will market to other non-profits, schools, and affinity groups not only to help NHC but their own Fundraising.
New Horizons has never faced a shortage of challenges. Traditionally, adults with a developmental disability have been a forgotten segment of our society, and that unfortunate fact is reflected in the public funds now available for their care. The available funding sources reimburse only a portion of every dollar that New Horizons spends to provide a meaningful experience.in-house work contracts and community based employment programs provide for much of the shortfall. That simply proves our belief that every person has a unique ability and desire that is valued in today's workplace.
New Horizons provides community based Supported Living opportunities in 2 to 3 person "Wavier" homes and/or apartments.  Twenty-four (24) hour support staff monitors and oversee the day to day routine of each home and facilitate all health needs within the residence.  The ultimate goal of Supported Living programming is to assist the individual in becoming an accepted and valued member of his/or community.
New Horizons provides Vocational Training and Employment Opportunities at the Harding Place facility.  Here individuals build work skills and complete contract work with the goal of becoming contributing members of the community.  New Horizons staff provides hands-on training and oversee the work quality and production.  All participants are paid for their vocational production.
An Employment Enclave refers to a small group of supervised individuals working within the community.  Trained job coaches provide instruction, supervision, and serve as a liaison between the community employer and New Horizons Corporation.